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Classy Home Improvement Ideas

Modern interior styles typically change at the speed of light and don`t always hold up over time. The neon green curtains and wooden paneling installation of yesterday doesn`t fit into the sleek and modern styles favored today. If you want to improve your home with something that doesn`t go out of style, try a classic home improvement idea.


Installing a fireplace can complete your living or dining room while adding a classic touch and value to your home. The fireplaces of today don`t pose as much maintenance or risk as the hearths of the past and you have various styles and options to choose from.

Many fireplaces mimic the old brick appearance commonly associated with wood-burning fireplaces, complete with artificial logs inside, while other units have a sleeker look. A gas fireplace is around three times more energy efficient than a wood burning fireplace and some even come with remote controls for temperature adjustment.


As more and more people downgrade home sizes for economy and convenience reasons, storage has become a sought after feature in a home. Use built-in storage options, such as inset wall shelving and cabinets under your stairs and other unused spaces to give your home a cozy look and some organization. You`re providing a feature that future buyers would be interested in at the same time, so there`s an added benefit.

Paint Away:

Painting is one of the easiest and cheapest home improvement projects you can do and it really makes a difference. Paint all your rooms in a color pattern scheme to give your home some character from one room to the next. One of the best features of this classic improvement project is how easy it is to change what you`ve done if you`re not happy with the results.

Get Rid of Rugs:

Hardwood flooring is easy to clean and adds a classic touch to any room. With composite and other replicated wood flooring available, you don`t have to spend a ton of money to get the hardwood floor look. Get rid of old or outdated carpeting and replace it with hardwood flooring instead. Use throw rugs to add a splash of color and protection for key traffic areas of your floor.

Kitchen Facelift:

A new countertop is a classic way to spruce up your kitchen without breaking the bank. Granite countertops are a little on the expensive side but durable and attractive. Wood countertops are inexpensive but come with some annual maintenance and use limitations. Glass and mosaic countertop prices vary by style and each come with their own distinct set of pros and cons.

Consider your intended use for the countertops before you decide what to buy and install. Countertop installation is at least a medium-sized job, so you won`t want to have to do it twice.

Liven up your cabinets by refinishing the doors and getting new hardware. You don`t need to install new cabinets to give your kitchen a breath of new life. Use fun touches, such as small shaggy rugs, in your kitchen to give it a hint of personality.

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