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A Construction or Remodeling Project

A construction or remodeling project takes a lot of time and resources. Mistakes can be costly, which is why it is important to plan ahead and know how to go about it. A successful construction or remodeling project depends on certain key factors. If you stick to them, you will reap the benefits.


Planning is the most important step when it comes to home improvement work. This phase will determine the costs, save you time and ensure that every other party involved in the project knows what to expect. Consider how the changes you are planning to make will affect other spaces in the building. You don`t want to start re-doing a part of the kitchen floor, just to discover that the living room floor also needs to be replaced. Allow some extra time for unexpected problems (such as bad weather) and last-minute modifications.

Budget: Your construction project will more than likely cost more than expected. Set your budget quite a bit below the amount that you actually have available for the remodeling. This will ensure that there will be extra cash, should unexpected costs arise. Focus on what you need to have done, rather than luxuries.

Work with Professionals: Whether you are planning to oversee the project yourself or work with a constructor or even sub-contractor, it is important that you deal with professionals. Ensure that the contractors you use are experienced and know what they are doing, which will make them faster, more effective and prevent major mistakes. They should also be fully licensed, qualified, have proper insurance and have good recommendations.

Cover Legalities: Get a contract, as a written agreement ensures that you are covered should anything go wrong. Have a lawyer read through the contract to ensure every aspect of the construction project is mentioned and stipulated correctly. Some contractors will have their own contracts. However, you need your own lawyer to go through it before signing, as these contracts are usually compiled to work in your contractor`s favor and not yours.

Keep Resale Value in Mind: Compare your house to the others in the same area and do not overbuild. If your house is going to be the most expensive in your area due to all the renovations, you will have a hard time selling it later and you are investing more than you will get out of it. If you are permanently installing electric appliances and other technology, opt for products that have been on the market for several years to ensure that any design flaws or kinks have been sorted out. As a remodeling or construction project is so extensive and expensive, it is best to keep all permanent changes classic instead of trendy. For instance, if cherry hardwood is currently the latest rage, do not do built-in cupboards, floors, ceilings or other permanent fixtures with this material, as it will make your house look dated later on. Rather get cherry hardwood bedroom furniture, which can easily be replaced when the finish goes out of fashion.

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