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Creating A Realistic Budget For Your Home Remodel

Strict budgeting is a necessary evil if you are planning a home remodel. It`s easy to overspend and find yourself struggling even with a solid plan. If you`re planning a home remodel and have a budget you want or absolutely must stick to, consider some cost-cutting measures. You don`t have to cut corners to cut down on your remodel project`s price tag.

Efficiency Over Size:

It might be tempting to go all out and spend a ton taking down your kitchen walls to gain more space, but you may already have the space you need. Look at how your space is being used before you start a major project just to gain square footage.

For example, if you`ve currently got some large, bulky cabinets you`re not really using, replace those with smaller units that make better use of your space. Changing out cabinets and removing unneeded fixtures will gain you floor space at thousands of dollars less than you`d spend to take down your existing walls.

Apply the efficiency over size review to any room in the house you are considering an expansion for. Try to use your existing space in a more efficient manner before you start tearing down walls.

Use Recycled Materials:

Recycled building materials and gently used fixtures can save you a lot without sacrificing durability and construction quality. If you`re hiring a contractor to do your remodel, you may not be able to use recycled materials or used fixtures because of liability concerns, but you can for anything you`re doing yourself. Check with local recycling centers to locate building material recyclers near your home.

Minimize Recessed Lighting:

Although recessed lighting is a popular option in today`s interior designs, the fixtures cost more and are harder to install. Save yourself money by limiting how many recessed light fixtures you include in your remodel.

Do What You Can Yourself:

Contractors charge for prep, clean-up and other tasks associated with a home remodel. Do whatever you can do on your own to save money on the project, but make sure you`re comfortable with whatever you`re planning on doing without professional help. Mistakes can cost you more than the remodel itself, depending on what damage has been done.

Think Substitute:

You can get cheaper replicas of some natural materials at a fraction of what you`d pay for the actual material itself. For example, composite flooring has the appearance of hard wood but is a less expensive fabricated alternative.


If you know you`re going to need a contractor`s services, wait until it`s a homeowners` market. More work is usually available to contractors during the summer months and around the Christmas period. Wait until the slower months if possible, such as early fall, to take advantage of discounted rates.

Make Your Own:

You can make some decorative items, such as green curtains, on your own with materials from a fabric or hobby shop. Your savings will depend on what type of fabrics you choose and what pattern you select.

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