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Long used to decorate interior walls with eye-catching patterns, wallpaper is now being utilized in a number of creative ways by modern homeowners. Bold, striped and vintage patterns are currently among the most popular wallpaper choices for bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and other areas of the home. If you are interested in hanging wallpaper within your home but are not sure of how to cover certain spaces effectively, consider implementing some of these design trends into your decorating scheme:

Subtle Wall-to-Wall Wallpaper:
Wall-to-wall wallpaper can look lovely in a room as long as the color and pattern are soft and subtle. Light-colored floral wallpaper is a great option for rooms where all of the walls are covered as it has an inviting and warm feel.

Framed Wallpaper Panels:
Dress up painted walls with some colorful wallpaper patterns set in picture frames. These small panels of wallpaper are ideal for breaking up a solid-colored wall space in an artistic way. Choose patterns that complement the color of your walls.

Wallpapered Sections of Furniture:
Breathe new life into worn pieces of wooden furniture by covering their surfaces, backs or sides with attractive wallpaper. Use the same pattern to decorate sections of furniture within one room for a cohesive look.

Wallpapered Door Panels:
Covering door panels with wallpaper is a simple technique for bringing all of the colors in one room together. As an example, if one of your rooms has a white door and red walls, wallpaper the door panels with a red-and-white print.

Walls that are designed with a combination of wood paneling and white drywall can easily go from ordinary to extraordinary with the help of wallpaper. Apply the wallpaper pattern of your choice over the drywall in order to offset the basic paneling with some color.

Paintable Wallpaper:
HomeImprovement a child`s room with paintable wallpaper is a fun way to encourage creativity while brightening up the walls. Children can paint designs and patterns of their choosing onto this type of wallpaper, allowing them to contribute to the home decorating process in a constructive manner.

Outdoor Wallpaper:
Give the exterior of your home a distinctive look with outdoor wallpaper. Available in a range of colors and patterns, this wallpaper can add charm to a screened-in porch or patio and can be coordinated with tables, chairs and other outdoor furniture.

Wallpaper Themes:
If you are a fan of a particular theme, you may wish to wallpaper different rooms in your home with patterns that fit into that theme. For example, insect lovers can wallpaper one room with a ladybug print, another with a bumblebee print and another with a butterfly print.

Wallpapered Accent Walls:
Paper just one wall of a room in order to create a riveting focal point. Bold and vibrant wallpaper patterns are excellent choices for use on an accent wall as they can provide flair without overpowering a room`s entire wall space.

Matching Wallpaper Colors to Furniture:
Bring out small bits of color in a wallpaper pattern by placing furniture pieces of the same color in the vicinity of the papered space. For example, if your wallpaper is printed with tiny flowers that have lemon-yellow centers, you can make this color "pop" with lemon-yellow armchairs, sofas or loveseats situated inside the room.

Cover Legalities: Get a contract, as a written agreement ensures that you are covered should anything go wrong. Have a lawyer read through the contract to ensure every aspect of the decorating project is mentioned and stipulated correctly. Some contractors will have their own contracts. However, you need your own lawyer to go through it before signing, as these contracts are usually compiled to work in your contractor`s favor and not yours.

Keep Resale Value in Mind: Compare your house to the others in the same area and do not overbuild. If your house is going to be the most expensive in your area due to all the renovations, you will have a hard time selling it later and you are investing more than you will get out of it. If you are permanently installing electric appliances and other technology, opt for products that have been on the market for several years to ensure that any design flaws or kinks have been sorted out. As a remodeling or decorating project is so extensive and expensive, it is best to keep all permanent changes classic instead of trendy. For instance, if cherry hardwood is currently the latest rage, do not do built-in cupboards, floors, ceilings or other permanent fixtures with this material, as it will make your house look dated later on. Rather get cherry hardwood bedroom furniture, which can easily be replaced when the finish goes out of fashion.

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